Top 6 Hot Yoga Studios in Milwaukee


Yoga is meant to challenge you physically and mentally. Following a yoga routine offers a slew of health benefits, including increased physical stamina, mental wellbeing, and improved sleep patterns. Aside from the challenge, it’s also an immensely peaceful experience.  

In this article, we’ll be covering some yoga studios that offer a relatively new form of yoga, known as Bikram yoga (hot yoga). Hot yoga, which was created by Bikram Choudhury, uses a combination of heat and humidity to push the body to further to perform. Rooms are heated to anywhere between 90-105° with humidity ranging from 30-45%. The high temperature makes your muscles and joints more flexible, increases your heart rate improving long-term cardiovascular health, and detoxifies the body through sweating. 

We’ve compiled a list of the hottest (no pun intended) yoga studios in Milwaukee. These places all uphold very high standards on their facilities and processes.  

Core Essence Yoga

Core Essence Yoga is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. They offer classes for all levels, workshops, special events, Thai massage, Reiki, and more. It’s a newer studio, but it’s already making an impact on Milwaukee, and it’s worth checking out.  

Milwaukee Power Yoga

Milwaukee Power Yoga offers hot yoga, power yoga, and traditional yoga classes. Milwaukee Power Yoga believes that yoga is for everyone, and all of their classes are accessible for all levels of experience. Their studio is heated to 95-102° degrees with a 40% humidity level. Classes are mainly vinyasa flow yoga, which is a combination of balancing, stretching, and strengthening for lean muscle mass. It’s important to remember successful yoga isn’t just about being ultra-flexible, so they’ll work with you to find the style that best suits you. If you’re a new student, they offer 10 days for $10, plus 10% off your first class package. 


YogaSix is a modern, fresh, and welcoming environment with various heated and non-heated yoga classes. The classes focus on flexibility, strength, and meditation. They believe in building your body and mind to a better, stronger, and healthier state through yoga—with the added benefit of knowing the actual science behind the yoga poses. Right now, they’re offering a special promotion to newcomers:  a 7-day trial for only $20! 

Healium Hot Yoga

With their motto being “Sweat the Small Stuff,” this yoga studio has a particular focus on hot yoga. They offer classes for all skill levels, workshops, events, retreats, and hot yoga classes and training for kids.  Classes include slow mediation-focused courses such as Yin or Slow Flow, as well as more physically challenging courses such as Hot Power Hour. Healium Hot Yoga is a welcoming studio with a no-judgment feel.  

Hot Yoga Milwaukee

Located in both Milwaukee and Brookfield, Hot Yoga Milwaukee offers classes for experienced and beginner yoga students. If you’re new, your teacher will specifically alter the difficulties and poses to suit the needs of a beginner. If you’re a seasoned yoga guru, their expert level classes are sure to teach you something new, or at least hone your skills. As the first yoga studio to offer hot yoga in Wisconsin, this place has everything you could possibly need for a proper meditation experience. Several different class types, over 90 classes a week, 20+ local yoga teachers available, state of the art heating system, high output humidifiers in every room, Hypo-allergenic flooring, showers, free parking and more! 

Get Hot Yoga

As is custom with most yoga studios, classes are accessible to people of all experience levels. Get Hot Yoga does not offer slow classes, they’re all focused on being fun and fast-paced! The styles they use include vinyasa, power, and flow. It’s important to note that, though they have the word “hot” in their title, they do not offer Bikram yoga (hot yoga). Right now, there’s a deal for new students, 3 classes for $15. 

Check back regularly for more on the hottest yoga studios in Wisconsin! 

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